Chirality Medal

2024 CHIRALITY MEDAL will be awarded to Professor
NICHOLAS A. KOTOV (University of Michigan)
2024 CHIRALITY MEDAL is sponsored by DAICEL Co.
Professor Kotov’s Award Lecture will be provided on the first day of the symposium, Aug. 26 (Mon), 2024 in the award ceremony.

Professor Nicholas A. Kotov

Nicholas A. Kotov obtained his PhD in Chemistry from Moscow State University in 1991, where he first explored chirality while working with photoactive metalorganic complexes. After completing his postdoctoral experience at Syracuse University with Prof. Janos Fendler, he embarked on an independent research career at Oklahoma State University in 1996. In 2003, he joined the faculty of the University of Michigan. Nicholas is a pioneer in the field of chiral nanostructures with giant polarization rotation. He has elucidated the primary role of chiral nanostructures in the emergence of complexity in Nature. For these and other studies on complex biomimetic materials, Nicholas has been honored with over 60 awards and recognitions. Additionally, he is a dedicated advocate for scientists with disabilities, both visible and invisible.

Overview of Chirality Medal

The Chirality Medal was launched by the Societa Chimica Italiana (SCI) in 1991 on the occasion of the 2nd International Symposium on Chiral Discrimination to honor those internationally recognized scientists who have made a distinguished contribution in aspects of chirality. It is awarded annually by a Chirality Medal Honorary Committee (CMHC), which includes six past recipients of Chirality Medal in addition to International Committee members of International Conference on Chirality. The Medal Winner gives a award lecture in the Chirality symposium of the year.

Recipients of Chirality Medal

Rome (Italy)1991Emanuel Gil-Av &
Jean Jacques
Israel & France
Tübingen (Germany)1992Vladimir PrelogSwitzerland
Montreal (Canada)1993Kurt MislowUSA
Stockholm (Sweden)1994William H. PirkleUSA
St. Louis (USA)/
Jerusalem (Israel)
1995Koji NakanishiUSA
Edinburgh (UK)1996Ernest L. ElielUSA
Nagoya (Japan)1997Ryoji NoyoriJapan
Vienna (Austria)1998Henri B. KaganFrance
Chicago (USA)1999Vadim DavankovRussia
Chamonix (France)2000K. Barry SharplessUSA
Orlando (USA)2001Yoshio OkamotoJapan
Hamburg (Germany)2002Dieter SeebachSwitzerland
Shizuoka (Japan)2003Daniel W. ArmstrongUSA
New York (USA)2004Volker SchurigGermany
Parma (Italy)2005Kenso SoaiJapan
Busan (Korea)2006Meir LahavIsrael
San Diego (USA)2007Nina BerovaUSA
Geneva (Switzerland)2008Wolfgang LindnerAustria
Breckenridge (USA)2009Bernard L. FeringaThe Netherlands
Sapporo (Japan)2010Kenji MoriJapan
Liverpool (UK)2011Laurence D. BarronUK
Fort Worth (USA)2012Eric N. JacobsenUSA
Shanghai (China)2013Eiji YashimaJapan
Prague (Czech Republic)2014Manfred T. ReetzGermany
Boston (USA)2015Christopher J. WelchUSA
Heidelberg (Germany)2016Andreas PfaltzSwitzerland
Tokyo (Japan)2017Takuzo AidaJapan
Princeton (USA)2018Bert MeijerThe Netherlands
Bordeaux (France)2019Laurence A. NafieUSA
Chicago (USA)2022David MacMillanUSA
Rome (Italy)2023Ron NaamanIsrael
Kyoto (Japan)2024Nicholas A. KotovUSA